Streamlining for Business Continuity and Growth

The client, in the retail industry, had been using ServiceNow for about two years, prior to INDEX being engaged. The organisation has a history of embracing new technology, and had little difficulty achieving rapid adoption across the business due to the its values and size.

During INDEX’s initial evaluation, we observed that the base platform was heavily customised beyond normal system thresholds and was not architected for optimal business fit.

We began by streamlining procedures and returning many functions and modules back to Out of Box (OOB) configurations. Decisions were made regarding the architecture so as to better serve their current business needs, and the system was implemented according to best practices.

The base system was upgraded to the Fuji release of ServiceNow. Email notifications were reconfigured and an HR module was configured and implemented. While engaged, INDEX also designed and implemented two custom applications: Meetings and Compliance.

As a result of the engagement, the Payroll and Compliance departments were seamlessly migrated to ServiceNow. There was increased uptake of the platform by other individuals and departments. Due to the solution’s success, the company now plans to continue expansion on the ServiceNow platform across other business areas including OH&S, Legal and more.

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