Mum’s the Word

May 6, 2024

This Sunday is Mother’s Day.

This day means different things to different people, but to most it means honouring the person who put you before everyone else, including (and especially) herself, for much of her life. That person may be mum, stepmum, grandma or older sister, in some cases.

If you are a mum, it can mean burnt toast in bed (and crumbs) and an assortment of DIY gifts from school – my macaroni necklace is still a pride piece in my jewellery box. Or perhaps you’ll get more than a grunted greeting from your offspring in their adolescent years. If you’re past the children-living-at-home stage, maybe, they’ve come back around and give you the spoiling you deserve.

If you’re a dad, you want to show appreciation to the mother of your children. I think it is wise to ask how that appreciation is best shown. I’m not much of a roses and chocolates type. For me, it is one day that I don’t want to cook. We don’t need to go to a fancy restaurant, nor do I need to be spoilt with lobster, caviar and champagne (although that would be nice). Just don’t make me cook. It’s that simple. Some mums like time out to soak in a bath – uninterrupted. And others love the chaos of trying to get kids to sit still over babycinos and brunch. Find out the what, and make the day special for her.

Consider this your friendly reminder to pick up a card or make a call to the mothers and caregivers in your life. And in that card or call, let them know that you really appreciate all the work they have put in to keeping the machine whirring along. Believe me, if you listed all the things that you think she does, there’s a whoooole bunch of unseen stuff that doesn’t even get noticed. Thank her for all the things you have no idea she does, too.

If your mum is no longer around, or you’re separated by distance or circumstance, we hope you can honour your relationship in your own way and celebrate the life that she gave you.

In the words of English author, William Makepeace Thackeray, or if you’re a 90s buff like me, Eric Draven from The Crow:

“Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.”

Mums do a lot. Give them some love on Sunday.

Bernadette Liparota

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