Step by Step: Reaching 10,000 Steps a Day

May 21, 2023

Cracking 10,000 steps per day can be a real struggle! However, when you look at the benefits it’s hard not to get up from your desk and take a stroll around the block, or walk a few extra flights of stairs in the morning. Not only does regular moderate exercise help to increase dopamine, it decreases the occurrence of heart disease and increases your Vitamin D intake. It’s also completely free – who can argue with that!

How do I get motivated?

The recommended daily step count equates to roughly 8km, however incidental contributions and small changes in your habitual commute can really ramp up your numbers. One easy thing to implement is to walk over to a colleague’s desk instead of sending an email. Or get off the train/bus/tram a stop or two early. Personally, I like to take the stairs rather than an escalator where possible. Another great way to put a skip in your step is to listen to a podcast or some music on your lunch break and go for a quick walk around the block, this can really recharge your batteries for a more productive afternoon as well – does anyone else ‘Walk this Way’?

What do I need to keep in mind?

An interesting point that walkers are notorious for overlooking is when to replace your shoes? It turns out ‘when they start falling apart’ is not the correct answer. Studies have shown that the typical athletic shoe is only built to last about 500-750kms . If you are walking 30 minutes a day, or an average of 3 to 4 hours a week, it is recommended you replace your shoes every six months. If you are walking an hour a day or an average of 7 hours a week, the recommendation is to replace your shoes every three months.

What else can I do?

Let’s try and remove some of the blockers that might be holding you back from making tomorrow the day you start actively being a healthier you – why not try some of these new breakfast ideas? Some of them can even be made the night before. How easy would it be to grab a delicious healthy brekky to help start your day on the right foot? Avocado toast with a boiled egg takes moments to throw together and will help keep you full until lunch.

How do you reach your daily 10,000 steps? We’d love to hear how you manage to stay active and reach your daily step goal!

As always, please let us know if there are any topics you would love us to look into or you have any queries or feedback. You can reach us here.

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