The Beauty of Balance

April 3, 2024

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Albert Einstein, 1930

They say the key to happiness is balance. We’ve already discovered that work-life balance is an essential part of enjoying your work whilst feeling fulfilled, and an important consideration when weighing up job offers. Overall, we know that too much of a good thing does not, in fact, lead to joy.

So, balance. What exactly is the right amount of this and the correct amount of that to give us this beautiful, moderate contentment?

The Joy of Yes, The Power of No and The Beauty of Choice

Yes can be a magic word. When used appropriately. We often use yes out of obligation or duty, and not often enough for the big opportunities that could, in fact, be life changing.

Recently, the Index team were lucky enough to have endurance athlete and inspirational speaker, Samantha Gash as a guest at our LIVE event to address the team about her story, her success, her struggles and her resilience. She spoke about the power of saying yes and how developing a yes mindset can open your world to new possibilities and release some of the fear that can hold you back.

She also told us, “The most powerful Yes is No.”

The point here is that you get to choose. What is the better choice for you? How will your choice affect the balance in your life?

Deciding to say yes, or no, to things that are for your good or in line with your goals allows us to live more authentically and authenticity and happiness go hand-in hand.

Of course, even within this ethos, you must find balance. Maintaining healthy relationships with mutual respect is an important part of wellbeing and your yeses and nos should find a way to work into and around your family, friendships, life and purpose.

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